2.2.2. Config.h

This file defines configuration options for the library, e.g., for changing the number of threads available for the ILP solver, or for completely switching to another ILP solver. Many of the options control verbosity of algorithms or which data to output when printing figures.

Config &getConfig()
Returns:the singleton Config instance used by the library. Class template<typename T> ConfigSetting

template<typename T>
class ConfigSetting

Holds a single option of type T. Synopsis

template<typename T>
struct ConfigSetting {
    ConfigSetting(T value, const std::string &name) : value(value), name(name) { }
    void set(T value) {
        this->value = value;
    T get() const {
        return value;
    const std::string &getName() const {
        return name;
    T value;
    const std::string name;
}; Details

void set(T value)

Sets the configuration value.

T get() const
Returns:The configuration value. Class Config

class Config

Holds all configuration settings.


write documentation for all settings