5. PostMØD (mod_post)

The post processor, mod_post, is used for compiling figures and a summary document of the data in the out/ folder. As default it is automatically invoked by the wrapper script.

The script does the following:

  1. Clear the folder summary/. If it does not exist, it is created.

  2. Source the file out/post.sh and create summary/Makefile (and a bunch of additional Makefile files it includes).

  3. Run make -f summary/Makefile all (with a few more arguments). The Makefile will compile figures and generate a Latex file. A master Latex docuemnt is compiled to summary/summary.pdf. The master document includes the generated Latex file.

5.1. Usage

mod_post [options]

5.1.1. Options

--help, -h

Shows the help output of the script.

-j <N>

When running make, use -j <N> as additional arguments. This parameter defaults to 2, unless MOD_NUM_POST_THREADS is set.


Compile the common Latex preamble used for figure generation and install it. Use the -sudo version to install using sudo. This may be useful to do if you encounter the issue about the format being made by different executable version, or if MØD was configured to not install the format file (-DBUILD_POST_MOD_FMT=off).

5.1.2. Environtment Variables


If defined, the value of this variable is used for -j when invoking make. When -j <N> is given to the script, this variable is ignored.

5.2. Useful API References

The API of libMØD and PyMØD includes functionality for injecting code and modifying the behaviour of PostMØD and generated summaries. See libMØD (Post.hpp) and PyMØD (Post) for the documentation of these functions.